Friday, February 8, 2013

To Raid Finder...or not to Raid Finder

This is something I am considering doing with the wifey over the weekend. I have not yet done a raid finder and would like to try it out. Maybe I can get my sister along as well since I am sure she knows all of the fights.

I hate going into Raids as a tank without knowing the fights, but you have to start somewhere, and just reading the strats is rarely the same as doing the fight.

Something a bit funny has happened as of wife has become more a WoW player than me. She wants to play when I generally do not. She does her dailies every day. She wants to run instances. She wants to level our Pandas. It is is just too bad it did not start about 5 years ago :p

So we may be going into uncharted ground for us. Maybe we will even get the entire group together to do the Raid Finder.

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Arioch said...

A couple of the fights seem to be pretty tricky for the tanks. I wouldn't know for sure, since I just run around nuking the hell out of the clusterfuck the pull invariable becomes.

I enjoy LFR only when I enter it with the goal of not giving a shit. Then the insanity becomes kind of amusing and I'm looking for the situation to top the "best" from the previous week.

This week so far it was the group that pulled the entire room on Stoneguard. All three boss dogs and the smaller packs before. Was a bit laggy, but we somehow managed to get through it. Watching the rage in chat was hilarious.