Friday, November 11, 2011


This weeks award goes to a bunch of douchebags from Khaz Modan-US

Healsponge, Cathubodva, Ambadastor and Gunnerfro of the guild Prophecy.

I queue up for a Random troll heroic on my Druid healer. Get in and it is a guild group. Cool.

We pull our way to the first boss. No problems. I die at the end of the fight, but he has low enough health that everyone else survives. I get a rez and we move on.

I die on trash on the way to the second boss....because the tank let a guy on a raptor beat on me. Nobody else dies. We do the second boss and everyone survives no problem.

We are on our way to the next boss.....and suddenly I am at the loading screen. WTF. I got kicked.....for what? Because I did not let any of them die on a boss fight? That is the disadvantage to running with a mostly premade....often times the are elitist douchebags.

On a side note, I had another one to mention that happened a while ago.

While running a regular Stonecore, we are chugging along. Lockbox drops. THE ROGUE NEEDS ON IT. Ummmm....ok.

Me: "So I guess we are all going to need on lock boxes from now on"
Rogue: "I am the only one that can open it"
Me: "Anyone can get a rogue or a blacksmith to open a box. You dont need on them. That is like an enchanter needing on all of the greens because they are the only one who can disenchant them."
Rogue: "Lol, I am the only one who can open it".

(My buddy initiated a vote kick that reads "Ninja Douchebag" or something to that effect).

Unfotunately, there are not ethics in random Heroics or instances. The Greater Internet Dickwad Theory is in full effect in randoms.


Forreststump said...

Wut r ethiks?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a buddy not playing with them needed a boss and kicked you for him.