Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was a pretty good weekend in WoW for me. I helped the wifey with some Thanksgiving tasks, did some archaeology (my wife did a crap ton), and instances....lots of instances. These instances included doing some Heroics!

I have stated in the past that my wife was always hesitant to run heroics, but she has been more than willing to run them with our group of friends.

We got a group together (me on my Warrior tanking, wife on her Boomkin, sister on her new 85 mage, Bryce on his rogue, and Kev healing on his Druid).

We decided to go for random and got Heroic Shadowfang. Not only is this one of the more difficult regular Heroics, but three of our group had never done it before. It went much better than most of the groups I had run with before.

The first boss caused us one wipe. I figured most bosses are going to wipe us once as everyone sees what each boss did. We made it to the Dark Angel phase and ended up dying.

Next time around we took him down with no problems. Kev saved his Tree form for the Dark Angel phase and my wife threw out a Tranquility for good measure.

One thing I love about playing with my wife is that she is a great utility player. She does her job (DPS), but has saved our bacon a number of times with innervates and extra heals.

So, we moved on to the next boss, which we took down on the first try. We just burned the boss. I tanked the adds.

Then we moved along and got to Commander Springvale or whatever his name was. I had many pugs that got taken down on this boss. We ended up two shotting it after everyone got the hang of what was going on.

On to the poison boss and we took him down in two shots. Red light green light, no problem.

The last boss took three attempts, but only because we didnt really realize that we needed to interrupt the cursed bullet until the third try. He went down like a cheap whore after that.

We decided we were going to try and do Zul-Aman. We cleared to the Eagle boss....and it was not pretty. I think we got him down to about 30 percent on the best of out 3 tries. We just did not have enough DPS and out healer was running out of mana very quickly.

We decided to go back and do another regular Heroic and got the Throne of Winds or whatever it is called with Asaad at the end. We cleared through the first two bosses no problem without a wipe. On Asaad we had some major technical difficulties. First and foremost, we were having some issues with jumping on the static clings. The second issue was that he seemed to be targeting out healer for chain lighting nearly every time and blasting him for 70k.

It took us 4-5 tries, but we finally took him down. After that, it was time to call it a night.

Now, most of the people in our group don't have a large amount of experience with Heroics. We were still able to get through them. Most of this was because of teamwork. We communicated well and worked through the problems. The DPS in the group was fine. It was over 7k, but under 10k for everyone involved (though on boss fights most of the dps was over 10k). In PuGs, people are way to focused on DPS. DPS is just a way to make up for bad play. If you do what you are supposed to do, you can get through most instances with decent dps.

Anyways, that was my weekend. I am going to work on my review of ToR so far, and should post it sometime this week.

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