Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update: Knights of the Old Republic Edition

This weekend was mostly dedicated to testing TOR once again.

The first weekend I played, I was the Sith Warrior. This time I played the Smuggler and Bounty Hunter. If you don't want to hear anything about the game, please do not read past this point.

So far I am liking this game. Not loving it. Liking it. The best part of the game is the story. It is very well done, and the voice acting is very good. For some people, this may be one of the worst things because it takes forever to get through quests. I think I will break the game down by bullet points to make it look more officail :p

Classes: The classes on the Republic and Sith sides have a counterpart on either side. Sith Warrior= Jedi Knight etc. etc. There will be some visual differences, but they seemed to have mostly the same abilities. This makes sense as you don't want the sides to be horribly unbalanced.

Races: There are 4-5 races to choose for each class. From what I saw, they all seem to be variations of humanoid. I chose two humans and a Zabrak (Darth Maul) with the characters I created. They also have Grand Admiral Thrawn's race as a playable race. I think they will probably add more down the line.

Crafting: To be honest, I did not get much into the crafting thing. My friends did, but I did not. You can get your material for crafting either on your own (mob etc.) or you can pay your Companion to run off and do a quick mission to get you some materials. If you do not care to farm for materials, you will have to trade for them or pay your companion to get them. That said, I am not sure if there is an auction house or now. I never got a character above level 12.

Ok, so for some of my experiences. I did like the Sith Warrior. The class story line is good, and you get some cool abilities including an ability that is like Charge in WoW. I liked the Smuggler story line....I did not like the cover mechanic. Basically, you have to squat behind something or squat down to be able to use many of your abilities. Something is laggy with my computer on this game, so by the time I got into position, my friends had already killed all of the mobs. Annoying.

The third class I played was my favorite by far. Not only was the story very good, but class played awesome....the Bounty Hunter.

I originally planned on playing a Sith Warrior when the game came out. I am not leaning towards Bounty Hunter. They have some of the coolest attacks in the game that I have seen so far (along side Inquisitor force lighting). Not only do you have the standard blaster, but you get to use a wrist mounted rocket launcher and a flame thrower. Nothing is more fun that catching a group of bad guys on fire. You can even call in some artillery strikes or some such.

One of my favorite parts of questing is that you get to make choices. I have played both ways.....good and bad. It is fun either way, and I feel like it really lets you flesh out your character personality in your own mind. On my Bounty Hunter, I made every evil decision I could. I killed a kid in front of his Dad. I decapitated a guy and gave the head to his wife. There are so many choices with each quest.

Another neat thing about quests are when you are in a group of people. Each person chooses how they want to answer the quest question. There is a random roll, and one person's choice is the answer you use. Not to worry though, because if you choose a dark side answer and someone else chooses a Light Side answer, you will still get your darkside points regardless of the outcome.

The last thing I wanted to talk about are Flash Points (Instances). I only got to do the first one on Alliance side, but I really enjoyed it. The story that they add to the instance really makes it feel like you are doing something epic. It is not like WoW instances, where after you do the quests the first time, you are just in there for shits and giggles afterwards.

Overall, there are a lot of good things about the game. I will definately play at least one character to level cap in release. I just really need to upgrade my graphics card so that I can play.

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