Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Been busy with real life, so have not had time to post much lately.

Not much going on. Still making gold and running instances with friends.

One nice thing is that we got to do a couple of Heroics! We had a couple of people in our group who were very wary of running them due to difficulties we had towards the beginning of Wrath. We completed two and did a couple of bosses in others.

We have also been running regulars just for Justice points. We have really neglected some of our alts when it comes to gearing. One of the main reasons is that nobody wanted to run instances due to them being difficult at the time.

In other news....I got my wife two Guardian Cubs with gold. She would not wait for prices to go down and paid 20k and 15k for the two she bought. A couple of days later they are going for under 7k on my server. Oh well....just gold.

We also ran another Black Temple......still not Bulwark of Azzinoth for me. We have not seen a glaive drop either. Our group has most of the T6 pieces out of there.

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