Thursday, November 17, 2011

Would You Still Play WoW if None of Your Friends Did?

I was just thinking about this. I enjoy WoW, but I REALLY just enjoy hanging out with friends and playing games.

WoW makes that very easy.

When I don't have any friends that are playing a game like WoW with me, I feel like I really lose something.

I like making gold.

I like doing instances.

I LOVE playing with people in an interactive world.

Many of my WoW friends have quit playing. I have stopped making new in-game friends. Much of this has to do with the Dungeon Finder. It was awesome in Wrath because all of my friends were still playing. Now, I find it lacking.

With the dungeon finder, there is not much reason to even find new people to play with.

I remember when getting into a guild happened through being a decent player and person when you ran a 5 man or raid with a group of people. Now, with Guild Perks, it is advantageous to have the biggest group possible. Not a small and tight nit group.

I am in a very good raiding guild. I have not raided at all in this expansion. I stayed because I like the guild perks.

The small family and friends guild that my best friends and wife are in is at just level 9. I have been contemplating switching toons over, but then it would feel like I lost some of what I worked for in the previous guild.

If my friends were not playing WoW at all.....I don't know that I would. Perhaps I would make new friends like I did back in the day. Or maybe not.

Star Wars is coming out, and I will be doing that for a bit. Then I am sure I will be playing WoW again when Pandaria comes out. I like content. I like people more.


Occeleta said...

Obvious answer for me is no. I was out of the game for the majority of a year. Only reason I'm playing again is because I realized how much I lost touch with you guys when you came down and visited. You had plans that you've discussed over vent and I was left out. If it wasn't for that I'd likely still not be playing.

Anonymous said...

I've continued playing wow as basically a single player game. I don't raid, am in a guild almost entirely for guild perks, and rarely interact with other players or guild members.

I have a stable of alts on which I grind various things (dungeons, resources, old content, whatever). I'm sure I'll get to the point where I have 10-12 85's and nowhere else to go. I mostly play now because its a cheap time killer. $15 a month is less than buying console games (when I quit wow, I tried sticking to PS3, it got expensive).

I switched servers from where my friends were because I wanted alliance PVE and although I miss them, I like just being able to log on, run some dungeons, maybe quest and generally kill stuff.

I will probably continue to play wow until SWTOR has been out long enough to get the kinks worked out, then switch to Wow with lightsabers. I've heard its a very solo friendly game. . .

Kelkeim said...

I am currently raiding in my guild's core 10-man group but that is the only time I interact with the guild or any of the people in it. I mostly grind dungeons and level alts. All of my friends stopped playing at the beginning of Cata so I have been mostly solo for this entire expansion. I think of WoW as more of a cheap time killer like the previous poster stated.