Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still No MoP for me, Pet Battles, and D3 Progression

So, as the title says, I still do not have MoP. Hooray. It feels like it is taking forever to load money into my blizzard account. I appreciate that they are being through, but come on! I want to play the new fucking expansion! This is the first one that I have not been able to play on day 1.

What I did get to do in WoW is some Pet Battles. The main two that I have been using is the Clockwork Gnome (Now named SheldonCooper) and the Core Hound Pup (Burny).

They are quite fun, catching the other pets of the World.....of Warcraft. I believe I have captured all of the different pets in Elwynn Forrest, Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood. I will need to level up some other pets so that I dont have to rely on just a few.

In Diablo news, I have been making some progress. Last night I decided that I would give the rest of Act 3 inferno a shot solo. It worked out better than expected. I did die several times, but I was able to kill everything and only really had issues with a couple of very bad roles on rare packs.

The bosses seemed to be quite easy in comparison, and I took them all down in one shot. I am not really looking forward to Act 4 because I know some of the bosses there are going to be real sons of bitches.

I also continued to level my Wizard. Everything was going wonderfully....until I got to Diablo. I kept getting killed at the third phase....over and over. I took a break, and came back with the mind set of kiting the crap out of him. I ended up taking him down on the first try with the mind set. He is now in Act 1 of Nightmare and level 32.

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