Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What MMOs would you like to see made?

I often times think of what kinds of games I would like to be made into an MMO of some sort.

There are quite a few universes that I would love to play, be it from an RPG or from a TV show or movie.

The number one game on my list (which I think they actually are making) is Shadowrun. That is my absolute all time favorite pen and paper role playing game. I absolutely love it.

It takes place in the near future where magic has been reintroduced into the world and we have made nice technology strides. You play as a Shadowrunner.....a mercenary who works in the shadows and does the dirty work that the world needs done.

Obviously, there would be the standard fantasy race choices.....human, elf, dwarf, ork, and troll.

Some of the other things that I thought would potentially make a fun MMO are Battlestar Galactica and Stargate.

I absolutely love both of these shows and could see some very good potential.

Stargate would be interesting as there would be an unlimited number of world to explore, and each one would have to be discovered.

What are some of the things you would like to see turned into an MMO?


BlindseerJB said...

I was rather sad when I heard they had cancelled the Stargate MMO. I am still working on finishing the series, but I feel that it had a lot of potential.

I think that Nintendo may be missing a bug payday by not creating a Pokemon MMO. I feel that the setting would work really well, and if they could find a way to make it PC, Wii/U, DS compatible they would make a killing.

And for fun, I always loved MASK as a kid. Not sure how well it would translate to an MMO, but would be awesome for me :)

Darraxus said...

@Blindseer: I finished the Stargate series a couple of months back, and it is outstanding overall. It goes down a bit in the last two seasons, but I still enjoyed it.

Pokemon as an MMO would do big business, but then people may not feel the need to continue to buy all of the games that are released for game boy....then again, they could do a tie in where you get two pokemon exclusively for the MMO if you buy the gameboy game.

I also loved Mask. I dont think it would have the interest to sustain it unfortunately. A stand alone game would be cool though.

I also am looking forward to a possible Fallout MMO.

BlindseerJB said...

I agree, the last two seasons have been a little down. Cam is no Jack. But Vala is entertaining, reminds me a lot of my wife.

I think the key to Pokemon as an MMO would be to find a creative and entertaining way to integrate the constantly updating hand held series.

And I totally agree that there would not be an audience for a Mask game, but I could deal with a one off.

Just remembered Starcom: The U.S. Space Force, loved watching this as a kid too. I had a bunch of the toys. Again, probably not enough interest.

I never played any of the fallout games, but I think this would probably have quite a following.