Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughts on the New Scenario.

Meh. It wasnt really what I expected. The story was pretty blah and I didnt find it to be engaging.

I dont think it is scenarios in general, which I think could be a very good idea (LoTRO does the very well).

This one just did not catch my fancy. Afterwards, I got a tabard in the mail, so that is something cool.

By completing it, you get a theramore bag....I am not sure if there is any kind of loot in it besides fireworks and a few gold. Nobody in my group got any kind of loot. Anyone know if there is other loot in there?

Overall, I am more than ready for Pandaria to already be out. CANT WAIT!!!!


Grimmtooth said...

Rades has a good list of Theramore loot on his blog. It doesn't drop by who you are, so for example my priest got an Int hat, which would have been nice had it also had Spirit.

(spoiler: he ain't happy with 'em)

Fabad said...

There is an helmet and a weapon of ilvl 384, appropriate for your class and spec, that can be contained in the Theramore spoil bag. You have a chance to get an item everytime you do a scenario (not only once a day).

Anonymous said...

The warrior tanking hat is a golden crown, which could be funky for transmog.