Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you Casual?

I have become a casual.....and I like it.

Casual has often been considered a dirty word in WoW. It is usually equated with "bad". I do not equate it with being bad. I equate it with enjoying the game in a different way.

I do a little bit of everything to be honest. I used to raid on a fairly regular basis. I have not done a single raid outside of BH since the expansion came out. I have better things to do with my time to be honest.

I spend a bit of time making gold. I was around 410k before I decided to buy a few epics for my warrior and some pets for my wife. I am at around 380k now, but should make that back in no time at all. Making gold has become one of the more fun things for me to do in the game. Unfortunately, I am currently sitting on a bunch of gold worth of Darkmoon cards. They are not all. Perhaps it will be better for me to save them until the next Darkmoon Faire comes around.

I spend a bit of time doing PvP as well. I leveled my Warlock to 85 to do some PvP, but have barely played him since getting there. I do a most of my PvP on my Resto Druid at the moment. I am doing OK in arenas and actually have a winning record. I have gotten a lot more comfortable with healing arenas.

I have been leveling different toons. I have a little 27 Worgen Priest on my main server and started a Goblin Warrior on another server to check out the Goblin starting area and level up a horde toon with friends. The most fun I have in game is playing with my friends and wife. It doesnt even have to be anything serious. Just doing low level instances is plenty fun.

I have been doing regular 85 instances and neglecting Heroics. I like Heroics ok, but some of the people I play with are not comfortable enough to do them. I still get JP and rep from the Dungeons, so I don't mind. It is also nice plow through the Dungeon ala Wrath of the Lich King dungeons.

I am casually playing in all aspects. There is nothing that I am doing that is "hard core". I enjoy logging on with friends and not having to stick to a schedule. I can run an instance. I can level some lowbies. I can work on professions and making gold.

I a way, "hard core" has taken on a new meaning to me. Tied down. I play games to have fun. Not to work. I get my competetive fill playing Modern Warfare 2.


Vordan said...

At the end of wrath I was raiding pretty frequently, usually 2 days a week on a set schedule with my guild. I got Vordan to 85, got geared enough to raid, and I just do cooking and fishing achievements now. I think I am rather afraid to raid at this point even though I am geared enough, because people take the game way to seriously, I don't want the fun to be spoiled by someone who can't accept that not everyone raids. I do a heroic a day for my point then go back to getting achivement. I've gone casual too.

Mike said...

I completely agree with you. I've been a casual player for years. I level, do dungeons here and ther and play the AH. Plenty to keep me busy in the limited time I have to play.

Darth Solo said...

There's nothing wrong with being casual. It just means making your own destiny in WoW and not caring about forced socializing or other people's goals.

I take a certain kind of perverse pleasure in playing on my own in such a hugely social MMO.