Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughts on WoW Morals

I dont know if morals is really the right word for this, but here goes anyways.

My sister was telling me about a pug she ran the other day where the tank was wearing the cloth heirloom chest. Obviously this is for the extra 10 percent xp.

My question is.....is this ok to do?

On one hand, you get more xp. On the other hand you look like a noob who doesnt give a crap about the rest of the group.

I for one would not wear something like that in an instance. If it is the only heirloom you have, I would put it on while turning in the dungeon quests or while I was questing on my own.

What are your thought on this?


Arioch said...

We'll assume for the moment that the PUG doesn't give a shit about what other people think. This really can't be too wrong of an assumption if they are tanking in a cloth chest.

IF the player is extremely competent at tanking AND the healer is in on the deal (as in a guild run), more power to him and his cloth.

IF the tank is a retard/new and/or the healer is a retard/new/undergeared then it's an act of extreme stupidity.

Even as a DPS, I wouldn't recommend anyone do anything to lessen their survivability. Not to mention, at some point, that tank is going to be really interested in getting his armor specialization benefit.

In short, if it worked don't sweat it, just laugh. If it didn't work, the guy's an ass.

Feature said...

What was the level of this pug? My bear tank still wear the set of cloth heirloom shoulders at ~level 26, mostly for the +Stamina and the fact that I have yet to see another set of shoulders drop. I also carry the caster heirloom staff with me & check the comparative stats each time I level in case it becomes better than my equiped weapon.

If the tank can hold aggro & is not causing the healer grief, let him have the 10% XP bonus. Post 50I would say it becomes detrimental as you lose the +5 Agi/Str bonus you would get from wearing full plate/leather.

Vordan said...

This was not a low level instances, it was level 50ish and the tank wasn't very good. They also were tanking in fury. The tank was squishier than the warlock and from what I saw, never even bothered to taunt off anyone who had aggro. Keep in mind also this was a paladin, druid, it was a warrior.

Vordan said...

And I correct my last post, ***wasnt a paladin or druid***

*vlad* said...

Generally I don't bother to check other people's gear out at all. I'm not really interested in what they are wearing unless their performance is woeful.
If he managed to tank the instance without causing any problems, then I don't see a problem.
Having said that, some DK in a pug I was in who was doing terribad dps and turned out to have res sickness got a swift /kick with no remorse.
There is a difference between performing to standard in sub-standard gear and simply being a dick.

*vlad* said...

Addendum after reading Vordan's posts - yes, he was a dick.

Feature said...

It's allmost like he has no idea what he's doing. It makes me wonder how he got enough JP's or badges to buy an heirloom piece in the first place.

Even if he wanted the instant queue by tanking there is no reason not to have a proper tanking spec post level 30. (And if I want to tank level 15-30 I just level in a tanking spec, but you could probably pull it off in an offspec).

He is either clueless or a giant douche. Either way the concept of morals may be wasted on him.