Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have YOU ever been a FailPug?

Have you ever been that fail pug?

You might be a fail pug if:

1) You are a tank and do not stop to let healers get mana. You then yell at the healer because you died.
2) You are a tank with crap gear who thinks that AOE tanking is completely appropriate.
3) You are a melee DPS wearing cloth or spirit gear
4) You are a Boomkin who melees mobs....with a tank mace...when asked to hit something.
5) You refuse to move out of the bad because the healer is a noob who should heal you through it.
6) You teleport out of a dungeon but don't drop group causing the rest of the group to have to 4 man until you are able to be kicked.
7) You are a DK who has replaced the awesome starting area Blue items with BC level Holy Paladin gear.
8) You are a Hunter who does and entire instance without a pet.
9) You are doing Wrath level DPS at level 85

These are all things I have pugs are everywhere. That is why I rarely ever pug anymore. Cataclysm has made it easy to fail.

There is a difference between someone who doesnt know and someone who doesnt take the time to learn. I will play with the first person all day. The second is why I only play with friends.


Vordan said...

The fact that I have been with you on a few of those points, I have to laugh at our luck with groups. I think thats why I like grouping with you as you tank. You actually care if I have mana. I try to pug little as possible, or I try to get a group of people on our server who know wtf to do.

Celendus said...

In all honesty, I don't see much of this list in level 85 heroics. Sure I see hunters that can't aim a trap, but for the most part players do seem to try harder now than they did in Wrath. It's rare to get someone so irredeemably bad that we have to kick them.

Vordan said...

@ Celendus - I really haven't been that fortunate in heroics. Yesterday we had a warlock that Soul Stoned themselves, then pulled a boss with extra mobs that wiped us. Day before got into a group with a tank that had half tank gear and half dps/pvp gear, and was squishier than the casters. If you have yet to be in heroics with baddies, I am going to have to say that be fortunate your battlegroup doesn't suck.