Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Server Making Gold

How to Make Something from Nothing

In WoW, not everybody starts out with high level characters to give them money. There are several ways to make more than enough gold to get yourself comfortable.

I recently started a Horde toon on a server that I had never been on before. I started with nothing.

I now have around 150 gold at level 20 with no extra work required. Here is what I do.

Gathering Professions: Gathering Professions are your friend. I went with Herbalism and Skinning on my little Tauren. I decided that I would sell the leather on the AH, and send the herbs to a low level Goblin I created to level inscription. Selling the things you gather while questing will get you gold in no time.

As a explained, I also picked up inscription. At level 10 you can level your inscription to the next level. You can also start doing research for glyphs. This can make you a lot of gold if you do it every day. Glyphs can be pretty cheap to make and net you a huge profit. That is why so many people do it.

Another quick and easy thing to do is download auctioneer, and start scanning. After a bit, you will be able to find some great deals by using the resale tab under the search function.

The third thing to do is do a vendor search. People will put items on the AH for less than you can vendor it for. It may not be a lot, but every bit of currency counts in the beggining.

Dont waste money on any low level crafting profession unless it is Inscription, and it is profitable on your server.

Most of the Professions at lower levels are gold sinks. Inscription can make money from the time you hit level 10. Other ones make you money down the road, but you want it now. Stay away from the rest.

These are all pretty obvious, but perhaps some people could use the help.


Mhorgrim said...

Nice quick guide there. Also, although you have to do the stupid initial quests, you can make your main toon of whatever class you want. Then quick make a DK to farm all the low lv crap and send it fast to your main who can focus strictly on leveling and instances/BGs. But yes over all a pretty fast and furious guide.

Vordan said...

What I was doing was biding low and selling high. I bought an epic BC pattern for BS that I bought for 5g after I managed to get 8 from selling a stack of herbs. I made 250g profit, which at that time I found an Ulduar pattern for leather working for 50g and I resold that for 300g. I am always looking for stuff to bid on that can sell for more. I found this really works for me since I have no wanting to level inscription.