Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Battle Rages On.

As I said, you have to fight for your markets. There is one douche on my server (who is also a millionaire I believe), who seems to like driving down gem prices. However, he makes it all to easy to buy out and reset.

He doesnt camp the market. He just posts a bunch of 20 gold gems and fucks off.

This makes my job easier....I get free stock for patch 4.3 and all that new gear. It makes me wonder if he thinks that he should get rid of his gems since epic gems are on the way. He has actually done this before and I drove him out last time.

Ore prices have gone back up, so it isnt all that profitable to sell at some of the prices he is selling at.

The best part is that one of my other competitors has started buying out some of his auctions as well. It is good when people are on the same page.

Unfortunately, my other competitor seems to be on constantly. On their undermine journal heat map, they seem to have around 4 white blocks per day. You have to sleep sometime don't you?

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