Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pandaria, Random Kindness, and Many Other Things

So, we have a lot more information on Pandaria. There is much QQing going on currently. All I have to say about it is.....I like it!

There are a lot of things that I think will be really good about this expansion. I am however, the eternal optimist.

1) Panaren race and Monk: Both are wins in my book. I think the Pandaren look fun and I really like the idea of a martial arts class that heals by busting people in the face. I also like all of the fun names you can come up with for a Panda.

2) Pokemon: I have a lot of pets. They are mostly just sitting there. If you dont feel like raiding/pvping/instancing on a given day, this could be a nice little distraction.

3) Back to Wrath: The regular Heroics are going to be more like the Wrath Heroics. Short and easy. Just the way I like it. People don't like to be stressed out when playing a game. There were times in Cata where the level of IQ in Heroics was below retarded and caused me to drift away from instancing. If we can carry the retards, things will be much easier.

4) Challenge Modes: This is for the non retards. I think that this is something fun to do with your guild to gain some additional prestige via titles and cosmetic armor.

5) Scenarios: If I read this correctly, this will be like the Skirmishes in LoTRO. That is good. It would basically be a random generated instance with certain objectives you must meet. This is a great idea, especially if it will be tuned for the number of people who do the scenario.

To me, all of this looks like fun. I am excited about the next expansion. I will be playing Star Wars, but probably won't be cancelling WoW (thanks in part to the Year Pass thing they came out with).

On a personal note, there have been a few significant things that went on this week. We got our regular instance group together for the first time in a month. It was a lot of fun. We only ran regulars as everyone but me had somewhat lesser geared characters. They went by with no problems, and I think that a few of us got new pieces of gear.

I still do really enjoy mucking around in long as it is not in a pug. I actually ended up doing Heroic ZG for the first time this weekend on my warrior. It really didn't seem all that bad, but then again, we had a super geared tank from my guild. I can see where many of the fights would cause great frustration if people did not know what they are doing.

On a side note, I have a bit of a story. One of my old gem competitors is an older guy who plays WoW for fun (apparently retired). We got to chatting about the gem market a while back and still chat from time to time these days. He is in a guild that consists of he and his brother.

Well, I was chatting with him yesterday and he asked my if I wanted a Celestial Steed....for free. He already had one and got this one when the WoW magazine was cancelled. HECK YEAH I WANT IT! He did not want anything in return, but I ended up sending him a Vial of the Sands since I noticed he did not have one yet.

My wife is now the proud owner of a Sparkle Pony! Being nice can pay off, even if it is someone that you compete with in an Auction House market.

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Raffles said...

What a nice chap! Top bonus points for 1) Giving him a return mount 2) Writing a happy post about MoP. I'm happy about it too (not so much the pokemon bit...can't have everything) Blogs seem pretty divided right now, many siding with the 'worst thing ever' argument. Be happy people, its supposed to be fun this whole game thing.