Friday, October 28, 2011

Closing in on Outland

My little instance group got together last night to play out relative lowbies for the first time in about a month.

The roster includes a prot warrior, two hunters (one is my wife), mage, and my Discipline Priest.

I was incredibly fun. The stuff that went on would be horrible if it were in a pug, but in a group of friends, it was hilarious. We had zero wipes during the three instances we ran (Dire Maul, Zul-Farak, and Strat Dead side).

It was mostly uneventful until Stratholme. Then we had all kinds of shenanigans going on. On the first set of pulls after opening the gate into Stratholme proper, we must have ended up with 15 mobs. It was a chain of crap getting pulled. All thanks to those damn gargoyles. We survived, which really goes to show you the difficulty of the instance (not very). It does help that I have full heirlooms.

The shenanigans continued on the spider boss. We got the boss and pretty much the rest of the immediate area of mobs on one pull. Hunter auto shot was an accidental pulling machine. On the next boss, my wife was killed by out group when she got mind controlled.

The rest of the instance included other Hunter induced shenanigans. The best part is that it was very enjoyable. If it was a pug, people would have been kicked. Friends can tolerate other friends quirks and mistakes a lot more than random people.

Anyways, we are all in the high 40s or low 50s now, so Outland is just around the corner. We have been leveling almost completely through instances.

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