Friday, March 30, 2012

Bounding Thru Northrend

Well....not really.

We are moving through Northrend, but at a somewhat slow pace. We did gain around two level last night however.

Our group of adventurers have been leveling through dungeons and a daily here and there.

Last night we queued up for randoms....they just did not seem to be that random.

For starters, we got Utgarrde Keep the first three times we ran an instance. Then we finally got the Nexus. We did all of the quests and leveled. Then we had some issues with going into Azjol'Nerub. We could queue for it, but could not obtain the quests.....dumb, dumb, dumb.

So, another random. Lo and Behold, it was Utgarrde....again. We ran that instance and another Nexus run before calling it quits. Everyone was at least level 72 at this point, which means we will be headed into AN possibly this evening to get the quests done.

I am looking forward to unlocking more dungeons so that I do not have to run the same couple over and over again.


Arioch said...

UK and AN were definitely the most common randoms I got, 9 times apiece in each of those. I only got Nexus 4 times and thankfully only saw Old Kingdom twice. Now I'm in the HoS rut waiting for HoL.

Warrior Event said...

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say keep up with the good work! Starting a warrior after a long hiatus and just found your blog, reading blogs like yours help pass the grinding time. :)