Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things that Annoy me in WoW.

1) People Begging for Gold: Gold is not hard to come by. I practically shit gold. My wife had 10000 gold before she even got her flying. She then got epic flying....and now she is back at 10k on that character at level 72.

It is simple. If you are not that into the AH and maximizing your professions, then there are two things you should do. Pick up skinning and mining or herbalism. Go quest. Profit.

My wife made most of her gold from selling leather. She also made a nice chunk for selling the shit that she got from instances. Cloth, green items, recipes etc.

I bring up the begging for gold because I keep getting people whispering me asking for random amounts of gold for random shit. A level 61 DK saying they have no gear....THEY GIVE YOU GEAR THAT WILL LAST YOU UNTIL WRATH IN THE FUCKING STARTING ZONE!!!!!

2)People Who Say they Have No Gear while leveling: Seriously. You get gear for EVERYTHING. You get random ass green items from quests with the occasional blue. You get some fucking blue items from dungeons if you run them. YOU HAVE GEAR. If you dont, you are doing it wrong. You dont need top items to level. You just need know....LEVEL.

3) People who complain about AH prices: If you dont like the price, dont fucking buy it. If someone is providing a service, they are probably trying to make some gold. They arent a fucking non profit organization. If you cant afford it, see point one. Go to a gold making blog. Dont fucking complain about it. Do something about it. I see this in trade chat all the time. If there aren't anal jokes, there is complaining.....or racism.

4)Don't shit on someone who doesnt know better: If someone is new and needs some help, show them some fucking compassion. Dont yell at them for sucking. They are trying and dont know what they are doing. If you try to help someone, and they are dicks, then you have every right to call them a douche hat or cock sock. If you ruin their group experience, then the game gets ruined for them. My wife still doesnt do pugs. She does perfectly fine. She is better than average DPS

Anyways, that is my rant for the day.

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