Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

Now onto the next part of 20 days of blogging.

Why did I decide to start this blog? I am not really sure. I wanted to chronicle some of my Adventures in WoW, but I think there was another reason.

I loved reading WoW Blogs. They were so awesome. I loved reading about other peoples goings on in WoW and the way they played the game.

I figured that I may be able to bring a small amount of joy to a small number of readers.

I write because I love blogs. I know there are others out there who feel the same.

Also, thank you to everyone who reads my blog. It keeps my going in the blogosphere knowing that there may be some people out there that care to read me ramble on about bullshit :)


Matt Mullins said...

Hi Darraxus,

First time posting but I read every one of your posts.

Pretty damn entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I started my blog for two reasons.

1) There were very few rogue blogs at the time I started (Parry, Dodge, Spin was the only active one) but there were tons of blogs for other classes.

2) The top bloggers all knew each other and they seemed to be having so much fun!