Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

So, this is a very tough one as I have A LOT of great memories. I will just list some of them.

Probably the best is when I got my wife (then GF) to get into the game. Now she really enjoys it. Then....well she hated it. It was one of our biggest issues of contention. Fights and fights over playing the game. Now we play together and it makes things much better.

I have three other outstanding memories in WoW to share.

1) My first guild: This was a random little guild called the Red Dragon Clan. We formed up and had a celebration on the edge of the Loch in Loch Modan. We shot red fireworks and we were provided with out first ever tabards. This was my first real taste of community in an MMO. I ran around kicking the crap out of stuff. I joined out guild leader in a zone I had no business being in (I think it was Burning Steppes) when I was in my 30s or 40s. I mucked around noob style and had a great time of it.

2) My first REAL guild: This was the guild that I joined and spent the next several years in. I joined House IIMKI at the end of Vanilla and we ran instances every day. This is where I learned to tank. I have friends from that guild to this day. We went into BC and eventually, everyone was kicked out for some stupid ass loot bullshit. We reformed in a guild called Reborn and became a very decent raiding guild on our server. It finally broke up for good towards the beggining of Wrath as everyone jumped ship to raiding guilds. I was one of the last to leave. That split was possibly one of my saddest.

3) Saturday Night Karazhan: This was one of my favorite times in WoW, and it was certainly my favorite raid. I led a Kara run every single week. We got friends together and plowed through it. It would take two sessions to get through it when we first started. Towards the end, we were blasting through in under 2 hours. We took all of our alts in there and had some very fun times. This was also some of my good friends first taste of raiding. I miss Saturday Night Kara.

So, those are some of my good memories in WoW.


Kess said...

LOVED Karazhan. I was late arriving in Vanilla and only got a taste of raiding in Blackrock Spire. My guild at the time took months to get enough people geared up and keyed before we could even venture inside. Most of us had no idea what we were doing, and the trash respawn timer on the way to Midnight seemed ridiculously fast.

Moroes took weeks and weeks of wipes to master. Maiden of Virtue was a bit quicker. Then we hit the Opera event for the first time and got the big bad wolf. That was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had in WoW. Alternately laughing and screaming at people to run when they got the debuff, the wolf yelling, "RUN AWAY, LITTLE GIRL!" . . . good, good times.

It's hard to pin down exactly what was so much fun about Karazhan, except that it was a really cool place to visit. It wasn't dark and oppressive like most of the raids in Wrath and Cataclysm.

Occeleta said...

Yeah... Our Saturday Night Karazhan runs were some great times. Can't believe I left it off my Day 04 post over at

One thing I will always remember is during the tail end of our SNK nights when we only had 3 of us and Pugged the rest. We ended up getting Romeo & Juliet and all the pugs wiped hard and fast while the 3 of us came close to beating it on our own while all the pugs were /yell JUST WIPE!. In the end we just didn't have enough interrupts with just the three of us.

Anonymous said...

Hitting 1800 and 2200 with a friend. His excitement and happiness. I got excited because he got so excited. But I have never been more nervous to play. This made us lose a few times. We finally did hit 2200 by defeating the rank 1 team in a mirror fight.

Killing Vashj. Guild had tons of terrible players, about 8 good ones. Our raid leader displayed perfect human resource management skills and utilized everyone in the optimal way. Where he couldn't allocate weak links he would find new strategies to deal with it. I've never been so impressed by someones skills.

Thunder Bluff. I first started playing WoW on a computer that could not deal with large cities. They became artistic colour pieces sown together without any real structure. This was awesome by itself. But when I did upgrade my pc and actually viewed the beauty and the reason why we fell all the time... I have rarely been so impressed by a place in WoW.

Killing Ragnaros with my first guild. The shouts, the reward for our effort. It's memorable.