Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun with Friends

Recently, out little group of friends has been back together in Azeroth, throwing down on out lowbies.

We started Saturday at level 58 and have since then climbed to 65 and 66.

My wife and I had been playing WoW and out friends had been playing SWTOR.

We missed running group content with each other. The group aspect is my favorite part of the game, and I love running instances with friends.

We have great times and great laughs.

Some of the laughs may include:

My wife saying a common saying wrong: "Dont look a gift horse in the foot"

Fragil the mage blinking off of an edge in Underbog only to be devoured by fish after falling in the water.

Beathe our Hunter tab pulling anything and everything in range.

I am glad out group is back together running stuff. I am thinking that we may go for Outlands and Northrend Dungeon master.

Onward to FUN!!!

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