Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

My first day of playing WoW.....I honestly cant remember a lot of specifics, but I can remember some of it. It has afterall be many years since my first day in WoW.

I started out as a young Dwarf warrior in the Dwarf/Gnome starting area. This was back in the day when pretty much everything in the starting zones would aggro on you. I remember thinking how big the world was even in that small sample. I was running across the map to deliver some hot cider and then I was in a cave clearing out an ice troll nussance. Or rather, they were clearing me out. I seem to remember that cave being very difficult back then. I was also a noob, so that probably did not help.

I decided to make a Dwarf warrior for a couple of reasons. In most fanstasy games (DnD, Warhammer Quest), I was a Dwarf and some sort of warrior. Since this was not the Warhammer universe, and I loved the Troll Slayer in that universe, I went with a red haired dwarf warrior. Darraxus was born.

I remember dying....quite a lot. I am sure I was killed by Yetis. I was also killed by Leper Gnomes.....and wolves....and cats.....and bears. I didnt know any better, so I just kept trucking along. I always went with the upgrade that had more armor. I did not really know what stats I needed until a bit later, although I think I was smart enough to go with either Strength or Agility gear when it was available.

It was a brave new world, and I got my ass kicked a lot. I learned less about WoW during levels 1-60 than I did in the following few weeks running level 60 dungeons.....that however, is another story (Queue Conan theme song, with background of King Darraxus pondering on a throne).

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