Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On Bots and Resetting Markets.

As always, I have been doing my thing in the JC market. One good thing is that I have a huge stock of gems. A second plus is that I have a huge stock of gold.

I like to reset the gem markets from time to time. When gems start getting below 20 gold, I often buy them all up and repost at 220. I always sell some at this price. Even if I get undercut, I just made one sale that paid for 10-15 of the gems I just bought. Then everything after that is just pure profit.

My advice for resetting a market is do your research, and dont be afraid to do it. Unless you have someone in your market who just wants to keep things artificially low and has more money than you, there is really no problem doing this. There are one or two players who will undercut from 175 down to 30 gold. I just undercut them until they are posting below 20 and buy them all out again.

This has been made possible recently because all of a sudden, ore has just dried up.

Big time.

There went from being a dozen or more pages of auction to there being one yesterday. This is an advantage for me for the time being. I have stocked up. I have enough Carnelians left for over 400 inferno rubies not counting the procs I will get.

They have been selling like crazy recently and I have finally started turning a profit again after a while where I kept feeling like I was breaking even.

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