Thursday, January 10, 2013

BO2: Trying Out the FAL

I recently read that the competetive BO2 leagues were banning the use of select fire on the FAL assault rifle. Naturally, this led me to believe that it is way OP, so I decided to go on my merry way and start leveling the FAL.

What they didnt tell you is that it sucks to use in the meantime.

Don't get me wrong, the gun is quite powerful and is usually a one shot kill on Hardcore TDM. Unfortunately for me, I dont have the greatest aim in the world, and would often get killed while spamming my semi auto fire.

I had a few pretty decent games with it, but many more bad games.

I need to get the weapon to level 10 to unlock selective fire.....I am currently at level 7 on that weapon. In the meantime, my KD ratio went down by .02 last night while running around using the damn FAL.

I think that once I unlock selective fire, it will be worth it, but damn if it isnt painful in the meantime.

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