Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Weekend of Double XP...and Monk Leveling

A large part of my weekend was spend getting double xp on BO2. Since it only comes seemingly every couple of months, I wanted to make the most of it.

I ended up going from prestige 3 level 32 to prestige 4 level 44 (or something like that). Not too shabby.

I had a lot of very good games over the weekend and even had a luck game when it game to care packages. I got the K-9 unit in one after I rerolled using my Engineer perk, then got a Warthog with the other care package I called in. I think I went 38-16 that game which is pretty decent for me.

I also go around to leveling my Monk with my wife. He Monk was at 59 and mine was sitting at 54. She mentioned questing with me, so I started blasting through levels. I was 58 in no time and we headed to outland. We did a few quests, and then Kev was nice enought to run us through some BC dungeons. I think we are both at 62 currently. Once we hit Northrend, we will probably be joining up with Kev on his Monk.

Overall, it was a fun weekend.

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