Friday, January 18, 2013

DayZ: Namalsk

So, I downloaded a couple of the newer maps for DayZ last night and logged on briefly to give Namalsk a shot.

I didnt play for long, but I did have a terrifying game experience that I did not expect.

First of all, the server I started on gave me a rifle and a pistol as well as some other supplies.

I run around for a bit before seeing a town in the distance. For some reason, a bunch of military zombies spawn somewhat near me. I figure there is a tree stand or something.

I take a shot and miss. Meh no biggie. They dont aggro on me. I decide to explore a bit more.

Suddenly, there is some kind of monster I have never seen kicking my ass. I try to kill it, but it keep disapearring. I book it into the woods trying to get away. I keep hearing its roar even though I cannot see it. I end up losing connecting and that is that for the server. Apparently this creature is called a bloodsucker and comes from a different game.

It was certainly a big WTF moment. I wouldnt mind playing Dayz a bit, but I really dont want to do it without my friends.

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