Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Healing Heroics

Last night started with us running a Heroic where I tanked and my sister healed. It was one of the Scarlet Instances, and went well. After that, my sister had to go to bed to be up very early. We decided to continue on in the Heroics, but I did not feel like tanking as I can get mostly minimal uprades out of Heroics on my Warrior.

I decided to give my Druid a shot at healing went surprisingly well.

I think we ran 3 more Heroics, and we only had one wipe due to me dying to explody stuff and my wife having her battle rez on cooldown.

I have enjoyed the Pandaria heroics much more than the Cata Heroics is that they are much more doable with a lower gear level.

My gear is not that good. It is a combination of quest/lower instance blues, quest greens, and a lovely level 85 epic shoulder piece. I healed through all of our Heroics with crap for gear, and while it was very rough on mana, it was quite doable.

Unfortunately, I didnt get any damn upgrades.

In other news, my wife of all people because the first of our normal instance group to kill a raid boss. She killed Sha of Anger twice yesterday.....on her two level 90 Druids. She got the quest boots on both, and also got the tier pants on her main druid. Never thought I would see the day, but was quite proud of her.

My next projects in WoW are to do some dailies on my Druid (ugh), finish the reps on my Warrior (double ugh), and then level my Paladin.

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