Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Transmog and even a Heroic!

Thats right, I actually played some WoW. I have been a bit down on WoW recently as I did not feel like doing dailies, which is unfortunately what the game has mostly become.

Last week, my friend and his wife ran BWL.....and the Antlers that my wife had been trying to get on her second Druid dropped. She was sad, but we decided to run it the next day and guess what? The antlers actually dropped. She was a happy camper.

Last night we did a couple of transmog runs. We did BWL (I got my Warlock's T2 chest and Kev completed his Wrath set by getting the chest). For about the gazzillionth time, the Paladin shoulders dropped and my sister was not present at the run. That is the piece that she still need for her set.

After that, we decided to do a Molten core for some transmog pieces and specifically for the T2 pants off of Ragnaros. I think I got a piece on my Warrior.

After that, we ended up running our first random Heroic of the expansion as a (semi) group. We had four of our regular group as Fett was busy playing either Minecraft or LoL. I am decently geared as a tank and Kev has got some very good gear on his Hunter as well, doing 45-55k dps for the instance.

We got Heroic Stratholme and had quite a lot of fun. It was the first time doing the new version in either regular or Heroic and it proved quite interesting. We had a pug healer, who was a good healer with bad attention span. He died in several boss fights. Thankfully, my wife is a druid and was able to battle rez him most of the times.

There are no overly complicated fight there, and we got through it in good time. I am actually looking forward to running some more Heroics with our little group.

My wife ended up purchasing an epic ring with valor and a blue cloak with justice to add to her upgrades. I also payed 9k for a new chest piece for her.

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