Monday, January 7, 2013

Well Hello There!

I have been busy lately and not posting much, but I have been playing games. I have played a little bit of WoW, a tiny bit of D3 and a bunch of Blackops2.

In WoW, we mostly did a few transmog runs. We also did manage to do some new content which consisted of three scenarios. I have not run much of anything in WoW, and it was a bit nice to get into some kind of instance. I have not done any dailies in at least a week.

In D3, I just ran a couple of Alkeizer runs. That was all. I still like Diablo3, but it has gone down on my totem pole of games.

My newest go to game is of course BO2.

I finally finished the single player campaign which was quite good as are most of the CoD games.

I also played a metric crap ton of Multiplayer.

I ended up clearing all of my stats and starting over since it seemed as if it would take forever to get from .85 to 1.00 on my KD ratio considering how many kills I already had.

I am already up to level 30 something of the first presitge again and have a KD ratio of 1.16 currently. At this point, every .01 added on seems like an accomplishment.

I also got to play some BO2 with Kev last night and find that it was much more fun.

I was having some pretty bad games yesterday compared to the previous days, which started to get quite annoying. It seemed like I was getting killed by complete random bullshit constantly, or getting killed when I spawned.

I did end up having a very nice game on my last one of the evening with Kev. I ened up going 17-4 after starting the match 1-3. The 1-3 was particularly annoying because all three deaths happened from lucky grenade throws.

I generally only play HC TDM because I can actually take people out. It seems like I cant take someone down before they get me in regular core game modes.

What have you been playing?

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