Thursday, January 24, 2013

Heroic Running Machines!

That is what we were last night. We ran four total Heroics with a group of 4 (with a switch of one person on the last one where my sister came in to heal).

Overall it was a pretty decent experience and we only ended up with one douchy healer (the first healer who was gone before the end of the instance. We were in the first part of the new Scarlet Monastery Cathedral and I am completely new there. A couple of mobs here and there would run off and hit he healer (all non elites). He told me "Tank, can you hold aggro." to which I replied...."Fuck you".

Obviously I am working on picking up all of the bazillion mobs that spawn at the start of the instance.

Then he asks my wife why she is still using a level 85 intellect trinket. Why the fuck do you think? Because she has not found a better one yet unfortunately although I may get her one of those dragonling trinkets.

He eventually "DCed" right before the second to last boss while in a trash pack. We still killed the pack and then kicked him. We finished the rest of the instance with no issues.

We also ended up running Gate of the Red Sun, Stormstout Brewery, and the one with the Mogu guy at the end who has all of the stupid ass weapons flying around.

We didnt have any wipes and mostly had minimal deaths. I much prefer the Heroics in this expansion to the ones from Cataclysm. They are significantly easier and much more accessible for people with lower gear levels.

I should probably start doing some Dailies again, but they are such a fucking pain in the ass.

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