Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting my toons organized

Yesterday I got a chance to play a bit and mostly spent it speccing my characters. There was alot of crap to distribute. I kept them all the same basic specs, but there are obviously new abilities in every tree.

I did Ramparts on my Rogue yesterday. I ended up 4th in damage done in what was essentially a 4 DPS and lvl 70 pally tank group. I still dont really know what my DPS rotation should be. I have been getting slice and dice up then using eviscerate after that. Anyone who has any tips for a rotation, it would be appreciated. I am combat swords.

On a side note, my fiance got me a Wii for my birthday! My B-Day isnt actually until tommorow, but she is terrible at holding surprises. She got me the last Wii in the area, another controlled, the rechargable battery/charger system along with a baseball game and Mario Kart! My shoulder hurt a bit when I went to bed last night, but the Wii is sooooo much fun.

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Fish said...

I didnt like the baseball for wii, we had one for a while (fiance never played it so we sold it, I'm a 360 guy myself). I would "throw" as hard as I could with the controller, wind up, the whole deal, and the ball would come out 65 mph, I couldnt understand it. . .