Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zombies, Arena, and Kara OH MY!

Finally got to get my warrior his Brutal Chest this weekend. Stole Mura and let him carry me to over 1600. We actually started 10-1 before dropping two in a row to a Rogue-Ret Pally combo that we had beaten earlier for 24 points. It was still laggy as hell, but his burst damage with my CC abilities worked pretty well.

We went to Kara as per usual and took on the optional boss. I got the bat pet and the Arcanite Ripper from him. For those who havent seen it, the Ripper turns you into an undead Guitar player upon use. I also picked up the Hallowed Helm and the Horseman's Helm over the weekend. Yay for novelty items.

As far as the Zombies go, I am glad that they finally changed it. It was annoying getting infected by griefers. The event was kinda cool as a whole, but there were too many people who did nothing but become a zombie and infect people. The most annoying thing for me was when a scourge attack came up, I could never get any runes because whole groups of people with AOE were going out there and farming them. I think I have gotten 1 rune in 3-4 trips.

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