Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Raiding is now trivial

Raiding has become EZ mode. While I appreciate the opportunity to be able to see more content, it also can leave you with a feeling of emptiness. That boss that took you months to defeat is now being downed by pugs in one month.

My Guild is planning on going back and taking out Vasjh and Kael this week after never having done it before. We went into BT and cleared the 3 bosses we had already beaten and took down Gorefiend on our first night of attempts. I would imagine that other bosses will be falling soon.

Blizzard made things easier in several ways:

1) They reduced the HP of all Raid bosses and mobs by 30 percent. On a boss with 3 million hit points, that takes him down nearly one million HP. That is huge.

2) Bosses dont hit as hard as they previously did. This means that less healers are needed and you can stack more DPS.

3) DPS has been boosted for everyone but Warlocks. One of our Warriors did over 2k DPS in BT. Mura, our ret pally is capable of 2k plus DPS. Even tanks are doing double the DPS they were previously doing.

All of this really adds up to about a 60 percent nerf on bosses at least. I have read of people making their first trip into Sunwell and downing the first two bosses after having only downed Illidan once. People are going into SSC for the first time and clearing it. I remember how hard Tidewalker was for us. I remember having to have resist sets for the tanks. Now one tank with no resist is able to tank Hydross the entire fight.

While I am not sad about the changes, I could see how some people would be. Some people will feel like they have been kicked in the teeth. To those people: Dont worry about it. The highest raiding guilds felt the same way when they removed the attunements, allowing players into MH and BT without even defeating Kael or Vasjh first. The expansion will be here soon and BC will become a fond and distant memory.


Chrom said...

I respect your opinion, i really do. but lets face it, not everyone can be a hardcore raider. There are plenty of things that great raiders can do to handycap themselves and their groups if you are looking for a challenge.
attempt a 10-man raid with 8 people if its too easy.
but the majority of Wow players are not hardcore.
they dont theorycraft. they dont know that haste effects the GCD, and thats if they know what the GCD is. Nerfing these bosses and instances is opening up content to people who havent had access to it. I know this is a bit of a carebear attitude, but this is a game, and most users should be able to experience the best parts, instances. The patch will make most of the previous instances and loot obsolete, hardcore players will have access to new and more challenging instances and content.
Without a nerf, I will never see things like Zul'aman or Black Temple.
So while i am not asking you to change your opinion, i would like you to know that there are many players out there who will benefit from this nerf. Some of whom even read your blog.
Thank you,

Chrom said...

srry for wall of txt

Darraxus said...

I am not against the nerf at all, as alot of the content I can now see is now available. I was just kinda showing both points of view. I am certainly not a hard core raider at this point (I barely raid at all due to time constraints). I like the fact that everyone can see the content, but I also understand why people who worked so hard to get to a point would be disapointed.