Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wow can make for some good comedy.

I know that everyone has likely had moments in WoW that made them actually laugh in real life. This may have been some ridiculous Guild Chat, a devious plan taht failed to come to fruition, or a friend (or yourself) dying in a particularly comic way. I thought I would share a few of these with you and would like you to share back whether it be in a comment on my blog, or in a post on your own.

1) Nobody likes gold beggars. I was running around in outland one day when a very low level character asked me for 5 gold. I told the newbie that I could give him 15 gold, but he would have to come to me. First off, I told him he would have to destroy his hearth stone because you get a new one in outlands. Then I gathered two of my other devious friends and headed out to the floating Ogre Island in Zangarmarsh. I then proceeded to try and summon the newbie to said Island. He then told me that he didnt have the expansion...DOH! So I didnt get to finish my devious plans, but there is hope one day.

2)Getting friends killed while they are AFK. This is a fun passtime that I would recommend to anyone. Someone goes afk.....kill them. And when they come back on vent and say "WHAT THE HELL", everyone giggle at once. We have done this one a few times. The first time was when one of out long time Aussie friends went AFK. His AFKs were notorious for being long, and him sometimes not coming back for an hour. We waited around 15 minutes and nothing. He had his toon on follow with another one of our instance buddies who happened to be a priest. We were in Shadowlabs, just before starting the Inciter's room. Everyone else left while the priest stripped off all of his clothing, ran into the room and phsycic screamed. He died fairly quickly, but our Aussie friend was next. A while later, our Aussie friend went offline due to inactivity. When he logged back on an hour or two later, we of course got the mandatory "I hate you guys" as he logged in to find his toon dead.

A second one occured when a priest went AFK in a Heroic Bloodfurnace run. Our Hunter misdirected the next set of mobs to our priest and feigned death. We the priest came back, he put the Hunter on ignore and left the group. Some people just dont know how to take a joke. This was even after we offered to pay his repair bill lol.

What stories do you have about some WoW shenanigans?

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