Friday, October 10, 2008

Have you ever wished you could use WoW abilities in real life?

There are so many WoW abilities that would be cool to have in real life. I wont go over the "violent" abilities, but here is a list of one I think would have a cool and practical use.

Mage Table: The mage table is wonderful in game, but imagine the possibilites out of game. You and your buddies have been out most of the night drinking. Instead of a drunken late night run to Jack in the Box or Taco Bell, summon your own table of food. Best of all, it is free!

Fear: Everybody loves to hate this ability in PVP. Imagine the use for it in the real world. Your boss at work is breathing down you neck....what do you do? Queue up a fear and watch as he run screaming around the facility. Bonus points if he gets stuck in the environment.

Misdirect: You are trying to watch the game (or Grey's Anatomy for the ladies), and your significant other keeps on bugging you. Can you do the dished/take out the trash/blah blah blah. Misdirect them onto their friends....or their parents. Nagging is now out of the picture!

Stealth: Besides millitary and perv uses, this could be extremly useful in many situations.You can use your imagination on this one.

Teleport: Teleporting yourself and friends around the world would be tremendous fun. Go have lunch in Paris followed by messing with cool tech in Japan. Be home in time for dinner. If someone you dont like asks you for a port, you can send them to Siberia.....or Los Angeles.

Polymorph: What better way to entertain yourselves that turning your friends into a sheep, turtle, or penguin. Sheep prefered if you are from Arkansas ;) Could also you Polymorph: Cow on Murderers and Rapists to help end world hunger.

Anyone else have any good examples?


Horns said...

Immolate would be fun! Even Silence and Hibernate. I'd use the latter on myself

Herc said...

Shield bash wil suffice or even pummel to silence them