Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm a leveling machine.

This weekend, I only did two things WoW related. I did some arena and leveled by Rogue and Druid.

As far as arena goes, we went 7-3 and our rating is over 1700. We took down a double mage combo (one of them had the Gladiator title) and we got 23 rating for it. Our team is really clicking now, and I am very interested to see how 3.0 does for us.

As far as leveling, I started out at level 28 on Friday morning. I was level 47 on both my Rogue and Druid by Sunday night. It helps that these toon are on my home server where I can get run thru instances. I did three wings of SM, Uldaman, and ZF over the weekend. I literally got 30k experience for the Ghazrilla quest.

While leveling this fast, I have skipped huge chunks of zones I would normally complete. I didnt touch the Wetlands, half of STV, most of Dustwallow Marsh, and I doubt Im going to be going to Ungoro (thank god). I think after I am done with Tanaris, I will head to the searing gorge and perhaps finsh up in WPL.

Recruit a friend has been awesome. Im only at 1 day 7 hours played on my Rogue at 47.

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