Monday, October 20, 2008

Tanking as a Warrior, Weekend update etc.

Well, I solo tanked Kara on Saturday, and I must say WOW!. I finished 5th in damage (though my DPS was only in the 400s.). I basically pulled everything like a paladin, thunder clapped, hit them with a shockwave, and did a pretty standard rotation with Thunderclap being used every time it was up (on multi mob pulls). Mobs were going down so fast that I was in a state of shock. We did all of Kara with one tank and one healer (a pally healer at that) and had zero wipes. Alot of our DPS was sub-par as far as gear and pugs to boot.

Second place in DPS was a Shadowpriest with 800 plus. My arena partner, Ret pally beast Muralyon ran up 1400 DPS for the entire run and got over 2k on some boss fights. He also died 9 times as he couldnt control his aggro and was regularly hitting for over 5k.

All told, we cleared the entire instance in around 2 hours. For the last few bosses we had to switch healers, and brought in a severely undergeared Holy Pally wearing greens and blues. We killed Maiden in under a minute, and our longest boss fight didnt even hit 5 minutes.

Tanking has become very easy and much more fun. Damage shield is an awesome ability. Every time you are struck in combat by melee or block something, you damage (or have a chance to damage, cant remember off the top of my head) whoever hit you for like 30 percent of your shield block value. This is like a built in thorns/ret aura on steroids.

I got a chance to try out a few of the Tanking Glyph's and they are pretty cool. Glyph of Sunder armor applies a sunder to another nearby mob (it does work with devastate), and Glyph of Revenge makes your next Heroic strike free on a Revenge crit. I like Glyphs. They are generally very cheap too!

I did several runs with my Resto Druid this weekend and got him to 64 before I logged off last night. I just got lifebloom and cant wait to use it. I got Mura to run me thru Underbog. It really didnt take very long, and neither of us was ever in danger of dying. He put out 1700 dps for that run.

I spent a bit of time trying to get the exploration achievment on my Warrior. I did not realize how much I skipped while leveling way back pre-bc. I literally never even stepped foot into either Azshara or Burning Steppes, but somehow managed to have most of Sillithus discovered. Achievements are pretty neat, but they are going to be extremly time consuming I think.

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Occeleta said...

I was dissappointed with my hunters performance, but not really surprised. Having gone for the exotic pets, I am without Go For The Throat which leaves my pets focus starved. And having my dino only at 66 doesn't help its hit chance.