Monday, October 13, 2008

I did it.

I got my Druid to 60 and my Rogue about a bubble and a half away. It was alot of running around, and some friends helping with instances that got me there. I started the weekend at 50. On Saturday night, I ran around getting all of the quests for Sunken Temple and then Sohlam ran me thru. On Sunday, I gained a level via questing before getting a couple of guildies to run me thru scholomance and stratholme.

Between the instance XP and the 40k plus quest turn-ins, I went from 56-60 in those instances. I am not looking forward to healing Outlands instances with my druid. It should be alot of fun since I really havent used tree form at all. This puts me in very good position with the new patch coming up. I will try to get my Druid to 70 by the expansion, then go from there.

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