Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Scourge Invasions means more fun

I finally got the necrotic runes I needed to get my quest done and the argent dawn tabard. I also saw 3 epics drops and I picked up the plate chest for my warrior.

It was so much easier, as I had a group of 4 and most others out there were doing it solo. I just tanked everything and they burned crap down. I am hoping to take my Druid to an invasion point this weekend and maybe be able to obtain some epics.

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Herc said...

Speaking of Runes ... I can never never never ever find the Stones at Azshara ... never. I just wait till it's at EPL then i go start looking for a group.

I just went for the tabard and called it good. I destroyed my old one last time.