Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bad player Alert (Scarlet Crusade US)

So we had this Drood named Mellisandria that got invited to guild about a month or two ago. She is one of the worst players ever. She could not tank or DPS (she was feral). She got several drops during raids because she liked to roll on every leather item that dropped, so she got the nickname Ninja Bear.

After getting a bunch of purples, she decides to take off and start her own guild called Melli's Minions or some crap. Guild hoppers are annoying. It is really no wonder she left her last server as it is likely that nobody wanted her. A few quotes from people in guild.

GUILD LEADER: "This is ok, trust me. You just need to look at it in the terms of us giving her purples to go away. Whats nice is that we have another Feral Druid to take her place, and he knows how to tank. Win/win imo."

" I only ran with her a few times. Once was when she tanked heroic took 2.5 HOURS! The other was when we had her come in to finish up a kara run and I ended up having to take part of the green beam on my healer because she couldnt figure out how to get in the GIANT EFFING GREEN BEAM! Good riddance IMO."

" guys are just cold.....truthful, but cold. Ask Dex about are hour and half to get to the second boss in Arc run, an we didn't even put in an attempt on them."

"It took nearly 3.5 hours to run heroic blood furnace with her tanking, 2 rogues sapping, she wouldn't break sap to pull after initial. so normal pull looked like this. 3 mobs, 2 are sapped, she pulled the one left about 10s after(i started to stay there resapping to make up for this), then when that one was killed she would wait the duration of saps. I started doing the majority of pulling and breaking sap for her to speed things up. She couldn't tank more than one at all because she wouldn't swipe, she would just tab maul, and half the time the two of us rogues were stun-lock tanking."

OFFICER: "Ho dear lol... I keep track of our tanking corp and never counted her amongst the ranks. Went once to take stock of any tanking potential. Um yeeaa I sort of just let Ed/Touched handle that one lol."

What is everyone's thoughts on Guild Hoppers and bad players?

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Anonymous said...

Guild hoppers annoy me to no end since it often is indicative of a selfish player who wants to get what is best for him and then ditch the group. I have no qualms with people who leave a guild because they want something new, but to do so continuously is loathsome.

Bad players can be bad or they have be good. If you take the time and effort to reform a bad player, you can end up with some really awesome players. I've done so in the past by taking fellow healers and hunters under wing, since those are the two roles that I understand best within the game. They just need to show potential and have the gumption to become those better players.

However, a guild hopper and bad player is a bad combination that has never risen to that challenge.