Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Most of the time I like to PVP on my warrior (assuming i specced him for pvp otherwise it sucks). Yesterday I took him into WSG to get the last badges I need to get my season 4 bracers. Believe it or not, Alliance actually won some! As a matter of fact we went 3-3 in the games that I did. That is much better that the blowouts I had become accustomed to. In every one I was top 2 in damage done and killing blows, but most importantly I captured several flags and killed flag carriers a number of times to return our own. The only bad thing about WSG is that you get a relatively puny amount of honor for doing it. Once I get my 20 marks I will probably be hitting AV because 600 honor is better that 200 honor any day.


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried out the Battlegrounds yet as my warrior. She's a paltry 49 (just about to hit 50), but the idea of doing anything on the battlefield over than heal and crowd control baffles me.

Then again, I'm an avid healer and I play for fun as opposed to marks or honor!

Darraxus said...

Yeah playing a dps warrior can be tough depending on the opponent. I can tear thru alot of classes easily such as Warlocks. Mages give my the most problems and I absolutely hate them. I can charge in, and hamstring them, then the blink away. I intercept and hamstring again and they frost nova and run off and pew pew my face some more.