Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Peaceful Adventure into SSC

Yesterday we did SSC so that we could see some of our brand new recruits in action. They seemed to do pretty well....accept for the Rogue....who died at least 10 times (according to recount). We went in and killed Lurker, Leo, and Fathom Lord which is no big deal for us, but for some of the new guys this is their first real 25 man experience past Gruuls or Mags.

The reason for the run being peaceful was that out douchebag of a fury warrior didnt show up. His attitude towards other raiders has made the raiding environment somewhat stressfull and has made some of our best raiders consider leaving. He often drops rude comments about people such as "You suck" and never apologizes for what a dick he can be. To top it off, several of the female players have been defending him (Oh, that is just the way he is, if you get to know him he is really nice blah blah blag). I dont want to get to know him. I want him to shut up in raids. I want him to show up and not complain about the fact that the bosses that night dont drop any loot for him. I want him to pew pew more and QQ less. To be honest, he is very good dps...but fury doesnt really bring anything to the raid that a rogue doesnt (as he doesnt even carry around tanking gear to offtank if needed). The run went smoothly, we didnt have any drama, and it was alot of fun. It is amazing what one person sitting out can do for morale and fun factor.

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