Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I called in sick yesterday and the stupid servers were down. Oh well. I went and played some PS2 for a while (Fight Night and an older baseball game), did two loads of laundry, then went to have lunch with my GF at her work.

When I got back, I did some fishing (got it over 300) and cooking (almost 375), Then I decided to hop on my Pally and do some farming. I farmer for maybe and hour and a half in terrokar and put all of the herbs and ore I got on the auction house. I woke up this morning and pocketed over 500 gold WOOT.

I also decided to do my first arena games of the season. BAD IDEA. I think almost every team I faced had 1 if not 2 full vengeful rogues. We got owned....bad. Like 2-8 bad. I had planned on doing the PVP daily afterwards, but was so steamed at PVP that I just didnt feel like it.

Last night was MH night. Raid time comes around and we have 20 people on. There are also two "Raiders" that are hanging out on their alts and acting like nothing is going on. Every raider we have recruited lately seems to be coming to a raid or two then not showing up again. We had a new Shaman AFK out in TK about a week ago, then he DCed. Then he didnt log back on for almost a week. Another one came to a single SSC run and hasnt been back on. Needless to say, there is a bit of drama going on at the moment. We had to grab two pugs to finish filling the spots. We downed Rage and Anetheron once again, but didnt put in any attempts on Kaz. Alot of this drama came to the front when the guild couldnt get 25 raiders on Sunday and ended up going to Molten Core instead. I see changes coming.

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