Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, I want at work yesterday so I did not get a chance to update my blog. Did kara as usual over the weekend, but brought my Hunter this week. We cleared it in about 2.5 hours minus Nightbane (nobody had the damn urn). I was wearing mostly blues, with two epics and 2-3 greens and finished 2nd in damage. I only got a pair of bracers, but I figure in the coming weeks I will get alot more.

I also switched my pvp focus to my Warlock and had much greater success than with my warrior. Im at around 300 resilience, with 12k hitpoints, and 1200 shadow damage. Yay for dots. I teamed up with my usual Ret pally 2v2 partner and we went 8-2 and I got my personal rating to 1586 (im gonna try to pick up the season 4 bracers this week). Next in my sites is the season 4 chest (although it will be replacing a vengeful chest, but all of my main pieces are vengeful beside the shoulders.)

I am just not that great at arena with a melee class. There are too many ways for my Warrior to get slowed and or CCed and not alot I can do about it. On my Warlock I can run around and fling dots with wreckless abandon and drain the crap out of the when they arent paying attention.

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