Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Well, a decent ammount happened over the weekend. I did my weekly Kara run of course and stocked up on some more badges. I also got my Hunter from 67-69. Hopefully I can get him to 70 by this weekend so I can be drug thru kara for some phat lootz. Our Guild also hit black temple this weekend. We downed Najentus, but apparently had a bit of trouble with Supremus, though I think it wont be much longer before he follows.

I spent much of last night doing some of my first real arena matches of the season. I started a new 2v2 with my Warrior, specced MS, and joined forces with my buddy and Ret pally Muralyon. We ended the evening at 1576 and I got my Brutal Gladiators Leggings. I think im gonna farm some honor today and try to get my season 4 bracers. Next week I should have the rating as well as the arena points to pick up my Season 4 chest. The only thing I really regret about my Warrior is that I picked up the Axe way back in the day instead of the Sword or Mace.

On a side note, one of the more progressed guilds Alliance side on our server is folding. It seems that a lot of people got tired of too much time spent raiding. I have a feeling that we may be getting a few of those players due to the fact that our raiding schedule isnt nearly as grueling as many of the others.

Our guild has some amazing players for what they do. We have an abundance of awesome tanks and healers, and our pew pew is starting to catch up as well (still a few laggers). The biggest problem we seem to have is individual people having a brain fart at bad moments. I would imagine that this is the case will all guilds, but it seems that sometimes people are severly lacking when the main tank goes down on Kaz'Rogal like 30 seconds into the fight.


Val said...

The challenges of running a smooth guild are endless, for sure. It's cool that your guild has made it so far, however, as many guilds get stuck in SSC and TK because geared players move on due to slowness in progression.

You know, haven't had a proper raid in two weeks because the GM has some family time and a heavy workload? Folks start whining very shortly into it and then some inevitably leave.

I never really cared about progression, just the opportunity to raid with fun people. But then, there's the fact that I was beating people with +200 more damage than me (fellow Mages) consistently every raid, and I started to get tired of being one of the best.

Nevermind the whole "you must be loyal to us!" BS that most guilds spew - everyone is ready to talk behind your back in a split second if you take a PUG they don't believe you should take, even if the guild is past, or not yet in, the content you're going to PUG.

It's hard to be loyal on a video game that we're all here to have fun with, but at the same time, I still regularly play with people I've known for 2-3 years on the game, and I made some great friends Raiding.

I'm very glad to be in my own non-raiding guild now, but at times I wish it were easier to find groups without 3 jackasses in it ;)

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Val said...

btw, to me, being "the best" means I'm in the wrong guild. I simply don't have enough time to dedicate to a single raiding character to be the best in anywhere but a low-progressed guild (ie: everything before early SSC)