Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GL gone for the week, Raids still rockin'

Apparently our guild leader is gone for the week (I was unaware of it), so we ventured into MH without him. Overall it went pretty well. We one shotted the first two bosses (despite not having a tank with fire resist gear to pick up the infernals, which is usually covered by our raid leader). Then we go to Kaz'rogal. On the very first pull, our Pally tank dies so we wipe it. Next to attempts we get to Kazrogal, but the stupid Dire Wolves engaged him early before I tank could pick him up and took away precious DPS time. We ended up completly wiping at 10 precent and 4 percent before calling it a night.

I understand that the fight can be difficult for mana users, but we have them go all out at the beggining before people start blowing up. Somehow I was outdpsing two of our mages while prot spec in my DPS gear. I feel that there was probably just a small amount of focus lacking which probably was the difference in us not downing him.

We will be back to smash him on Thursday, but tonight is (allegedly) farm night. I doubt 25 raiders will show up and I will end up leveling my huntard.

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Leiandra said...

Amazing what a good GL will do for a guild run, huh? lol. But more importantly, looks like you were down a good player too. Sounds like our night last night without any of our main paly tanks. We got the first two bosses in Mt Hyjal down... it was just a bit more of a challenge for our healers.