Thursday, April 16, 2009

3.1 First Impressions (lots of gold to be made)

Edit: Enisidia already downed Yogg-Sarron? WTF!!!!

I got some unexpected playing time last night to try out the new 3.1 goodies (note: If your fiancee complains about the food you got her for dinner, throwing it away in front of her is probably not going to be received well 0_o). The first thing that I did was get dual spec on my Warrior. As perviously stated, I decided to go Deepwounds Prot and Fury as my two specs. I went and grabbed all of my crappy DPS gear out of the bank and equipped it.....DOH, Polearms are not covered under Titan's Grip. Sell polearm and buy Titansteel mace. Oh look at that, my Two Hand Mace skill is at 200.

I headed off to Crystalsong to beat up some of the tress guys who walk around out there. I actually had to run from the first one as my weapon skill was too low to kill it. I sat around doing that for a while before heading up to the Argent Tournament to see what all of the hubub was about. I picked up the first set of dailies and completed them. I got the frog kissing daily which required a lot of kissed frogs. Afterwards, Occeleta and I picked up the daily fishing quest and headed over to Horde controlled Wintergrasp to complete it. We went to the south/east lake which had no Horde resistance. Occeleta threw on his fishing clothes and broke out the fishing chair. I said "Feeling cocky eh?" to which he replied "If Horde come I will just vanish and let you deal with it." LOL.

Following that, I decided to get dual spec on my Druid and Paladin. My Druid is now a Resto/Crit Chicken. I have pretty much 0 hit on my Druid (I think I have a nice hit trinket in the bank though). I tried out the Heroic Dummy and put out about 1750 DPS. A bit of hit will certainly help. I then dual specced my pally to Ret/Holy. My favorite thing about the new Dual Spec is that you can fill more roles and get into more groups.

Now on to the money. I bought three dual specs yesterday and just about broke even. The Glyph market has become INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE. Almost all of them were going between 20-35 gold. I even sold a glyph of Heroic Strike for 25 gold. It usually goes for under 1! I wish I had picked up some more Ethereal Ink (from Outlands Herbs) pre patch because people are price gouging with them now. There is also a pretty decent market for gems, and I would imagine that enchant selling is through the roof. I still dont have any enchants on my DPS gear besides the Hodir shoulder enchant. If you have the materials, get to selling Glyphs now. I would expect another big boom over the weekend for the more casual players just logging in.

Overall, I have been pretty pleased with the patch. I have yet to run any dungeons or Raids, but that is right around the corner. What are your first impressions of the new patch?

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