Friday, April 3, 2009

Remember when......

This is a little something about back in the day. Everyone has those little bits of nostalgia. We also seem to easily forget some of the ridiulous things that went on with our classes. I am going to start out with some of my observations, and hope you add more to the comments, which I will add to the actual article.
1) Warriors were THE ONLY endgame tank. Feral Druids and Prot Pallys were jokes pre-bc.
2) You could not charge in combat. I dont know how we lived without this.
3) You could not Thunderclap in Defensive stance. This is one of the things that made warrior multimob tanking so ridiculous. Tab sunder, tab sunder, tab sunder.
4) Arms was an awesome PvP tree (wasnt that long ago).
5) Leveling was terrible....I mean really bad. If you pulled more than one mob you would probably be corpse running. You went through tons of bandages, potions, and food just while questing. This is probably why it took me 16 days /played to get to 60 on my main and about 8 to get to 80 on my Druid (and I was a noob).
6) Prot Warrior DPS was terrible. Threat modifiers were all over everything. T5-T6 gear, while tanking putting out maybe 300 dps. When you were not needed to tank a specific encounter, you dual wielded and spammed devastate.
1) Paladins were healbots, and only healbots. If you were Prot or Ret, you probably would not be raiding. This continued for Ret a lot of the way through the burning crusade.
2) Paladins were only Alliance. There were not fruity Blood Elves running around making a mockery of our Holy Warriors.
3) Seal of Blood was Horde only. They gave Horde Ret Paladins the best seal in the game. That was a major blow for prospective Alliance Ret Paladins. It was fixed when Seal of the Martyr was introduced.
4) In BC, Prot Paladins were highly sought after for Heroics and regular instance runs. They were the only class EASILY capable of holding aggro on multiple mobs. Thank you consecrate.
5) You could tank better as Holy than you could as Prot or Ret. I believe this was when consecrate was way down in the Holy Tree pre-BC. Yes, the Paladin trees were that screwed up.
6) Paladins could fear forsaken players because they were considered Undead, and not Humanoid.
7) 5 minutes blessings. Yes 5 minutes. That is a lot of rebuffing. Buffadins for the win.
1) Warlocks were pretty much a free HK at the beggining of WoW. If anybody saw a flagged Warlock, it was LULZ DEAD.
2) Warlocks became the most overpowered PvP class around the beggining of BC. This led to nerf after nerf after nerf.
3) They spammed one button over and over to top the meters in BC. Sacraficing your succubus and spamming SB was the only way to go. If not, you didnt get to go (unless you were the lone affliction curse bitch).
4) Fear lasted a lot longer than it did now. People used to keep me hydrated with all of the fear QQ.
5) All of your pets were useless unless the were sacraficed or acting as a mana battery in PvE content.
1) Pre-BC, Druids were healbots and only healbots. They were in the same boat as the Paladins. DPS and tanking sucked in both trees.
2) We did not have an out of combat rez. If you wiped in an instance, the only option was to corpse run.
3) Everybody leveled feral and respecced Resto at level cap.
1) Non-Combat pets took up an inventory slot. So did mounts. It was pretty common for people to toss their regular mount once they got their epic mount.
2) If you wanted to do a BG, you had to run to the area where the BG was located. I was around when WSG was the first BG. That was a crappy run from the eastern kingdoms.
3) Alterac Valley could last for days on end. You would actually get to see the special units summoned into the battle. I remember the first time I saw the Horde's giant ice guy. We died over and over before we finally took him down, but it gave us a great sense of accomplishment.
4) Reputation gain was absolutely ridiculous. My main is still Honored or barely revered with most of the main factions after all of this time.
Feel free to add some more for classes/races/misc. I left the other classes for those of you who remember what it was like!


HolyGhost said...

I just recently finally destroyed my silvermoon marks of honor or whatever they were called.

For WSG back in the day.

Occeleta said...

I remember when saving up for your first mount was a task to be proud of.

Syrana said...

Oh yes, I remember in TBC when warlocks were SOUGHT after for raids... and it was "okay" to be Affliction up to t4ish content, then you either work really really hard to keep your dps up or be the one afflock for curses and different healthstones... otherwise you were expected to respec to Destro or SL/SL.

Hey, remember when you had to level 40 to get your first mount? :P

And when all the marks, badges, etc took up bag slots?

How about the old PvP titles that required you to keep up your honor kills each day, honor not being calculated until the following day, and Dishonorable kills?

I'll stop there. :P

Subhodeep said...

I remember when tanks got crit. Forsooth, they actually had talents that came into play when they got crit.

miss elf said...

I am not fruity, I'm pretty! And I look much better than those silly blue Paladins the Alliance have :P.

As for levelling a Warrior... oh my god, it's so fun now. I loaded up my little warrior that I rolled about two years ago and she owns everything. A nice change from the frantic panic attack that was levelling one before.

I remember running UBRS (complete with wipes) and the dungeon sets being highly sought after. I remember the drama if a priest rolled on the warlock set.

I remember feeling pretty good about completing 45 min Baron.

I remember when Baron Rivendare's mount was one of those things you would never see, and the one time someone on my realm did get one, the entire server knew about it in about four seconds.

I remember when you joined a battleground and everyone would spam "INVITE" because we wouldn't be in a group automatically. You'd then end up with 2 groups. (Is that even a real memory? Seems unthinkable now!)

I remember when transport (zeps, boats) would dismount you. I still twitch and dismount myself when travelling now. Just doesn't seem right!

Cassini said...

...Flight points didn't connect with each other making you have to land and continue on by selecting the next destination. (Did I imagine that or was it just a real long time ago?)

...Getting the key to the Searing Gorge was worthwhile because there was no flight point there.

...Ony wasn't soloable (MORE DOTS!!!)

...patch days meant a glorious couple of months of being top dog after your class got buffed ahead of the others (if you were the chosen class)...until next patch day when it was the turn of another class.

...frost was THE raid spec for mages.

Ah memories ... :)