Sunday, April 26, 2009

QQ Garden

Somewthing about the Holliday events seem to bring out the dickwad in some people. Apparently, if they farm an area of eggs they are the only one allowed to pick up said eggs because it is "common courtesy".

I went to pick up eggs outside the Exodar very early in the morning. There was already quite a few people there. One guy was camping fgor close together eggs spawns. I decided to get in on the action of two of those eggs and was called a douchebag. A few other times while running around the town and picking up eggs, I was told to "GTFO" or "WTF" as if the people who were being lazy and sitting there owned that spawnpoint. This isnt fucking Everquest where there is spawn courtesy. This is a Holliday that everyone and their mom is going to want to get a piece of.

While you are out frustratingly trying to gather eggs, remember......those egg spawns belong to nobody. Swooping in and picking it up is not ninjaing the node. The same rules do not apply to eggs as mining or herb nodes. If someone gives you crap, greet them with a hearty "Eat a bowl of dick" and move on......or get on your mammoth and stand on their spawn point.

I got my Spring Rabbit out of an egg and purchased the Bunny ears. Im not going to do anything else with the Holliday if I can help it.


Arioch said...

Awww... you should roll Horde.

There are two sides to this event: the campers and the runners. Both sides think the others are idiots, but where I was collecting, I think only 2 people ever said anything rude to someone else.

I went with camping. I could hit 3 eggs without moving, but so could the people running around me and they often beat me to an egg. I didn't have or make claim to exclusive egg rights and said nothing if someone beat me to "my" egg.

It took me a couple hours to get every drop I needed for all the achievements (stupid tuxedo shirt took over 350 eggs) and as soon as I had my last drop I was gone. If you're only after the meta achievement you can be done in less time than that.

Wait for the dust to die down and try again in a day or so. I've heard the Teldrassil area isn't too bad on the Ally side.

Good luck!

Rob said...

I have to agree with you. When there are fewer spawn points than campers, or even when there are almost as many, the etiquette changes completely. It's not like people can be expected to "wait their turn" if all the spawn points are covered. That's not to say the campers are evil. I have to agree with Arioch's pov on that. If I were camping and someone took my egg, I wouldn't feel cheated or anything, and by the same token, if I were moving, and got the virtual finger, it wouldn't really bug me either.

Occeleta said...

Haha... I was gonna post the same thing, and admittingly I was annoyed when someone squatted on my threefer spot by one of your guildies. But I handled it by beating them to the punch more than half the time. And each time he/she would start QQing, "pick a side" "get your own" and for the most part I just ignored, but eventually I replied "STFU and click faster they aren't your eggs".

On a more serious note, isn't all forms of camping considered low to some degree. Like for this holiday, is it fair to the runners? Point is, if you are gonna be low and camp the eggs, don't QQ about being beat out on the draw and just suck it up.

FYI, when i was done with my eggs I was a dickwad and left your guildy a present in the form of various chairs and beer barrels on those 3 egg spawns.

Arioch said...


I decided my bank alt needed the ears, the spring robes, and the elegant dress to be stylish for a few months so I trucked my little level 10 priest out to Falconwing Square.

I calculated how many chocolates I would need if I didn't get any of the items as drops.

Went with running this time, just to be fair. I would say I got about the same rate of eggs as I did while camping. I did however get fewer drops and ended up buying two of the three items with chocolates. Bird's eye camera and basket boost make all the difference. A lot of campers start getting bored and don't click fast enough. =)

MANY fewer people than was there in the morning - the hardcores already have their achievements and the ultra casuals have already given up.

Darraxus said...

I may get my mage doing it sometime this week to get the polymorph bunny book.