Monday, April 27, 2009

Megs running OOM

Looks like we may be losing another biggun. Megs over at Out of Mana looks like she is hanging up the gloves. This is another huge Mike Tyson like uppercut to the blogging community.

OOM was one of the first blogs that I really enjoyed. It had its share of useful WoW info as well as a lot of good humor. I am going to miss it a lot.

Next thing you know, BBB and Matticus are gonna announce they are outro.

Apparently, Yogg-Saron has not only poisoned Northrend, but also our fellow blogger.

Phaelia, BRK, and Megs should be new boss mobs fighting alongside the other fallen titans of Ulduar.


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Matticus said...

Retirement is something I considered a long time ago (a year in fact). What helped me having a team of writers to help maintain the pace of blogging and information that I wanted =). Wouldn't be here today without the crew.

Even now it's still something that comes through my mind.

But then... who'd help guide healers, right? ^^